Recently a new student told me that she had a dream about me in which I had created a thriving village; she said that it was well-planned featuring all the best practices of a small community, organic food, collaborative living, safety. friendliness and service to the bigger community. She said she knew all about this wonderful community but she couldn’t get to it and was trying her best to get there.

Now this was her dream! I can not possibly say what it meant to her, but I was thrilled because I think of our Center as a community. Sometimes I am able to practice best practices and start with the end in mind, do my spiritual practices, live in the present moment, and live the life I want to live. And sometimes I fall short from the vision!

Don Miguel Ruiz says that we set such high expectations for ourselves that we can never meet them -and then feel badly about ourselves.

What is my current vision for our community? It is almost always the same. There are many people in the Center. They are happy, chatting, talking laughing and engaged in activities.They are helpful and friendly.  I envision us radiating light — we are setting an example for all people to include all others in their activities. We are known in the greater community for our generosity and our care. We are care-takers of our planet and live in harmony with all. I see our Center as having activities and programs for everyone from the youngest to the oldest. I see all people living from an awareness of their oneness with Source, living in harmony and love for all. I see huge classes of new students who are learning about their divine nature and sharing themselves in  world. I see it being the norm to be honest, open and vulnerable. I see social activities that are well-attended. I hear the sounds of fantastic music, opening hearts and minds.

What do I or we need to do to move towards the dream?

First, understand that Creative Mind is always listening.

Second, see it as happening now.

Third, release any resentment, blame or complaint.

Fourth, let people know you care about them.

Fifth, make it easy for people to find us.

What are your thoughts?