The powerful strength of prayer circles

Prayer can be private, internal, personal, but it can also be shared, aloud, external. The power of shared prayer can be transformational. When speaking a prayer aloud, the vibration throughout the body is different than from praying silently to oneself. Sometimes when praying in a circle, the prayer gets passed where each person has the ability to speak aloud. It is a collective that is an intimate exchange. 
Prayer can be just as powerful in person as being at a distance. Join me in this prayer circle. Today the prayer is focused on the Goodness of each and every person who decides to join in this prayer. Tap into the emotional space of the strength of this prayer. 
Knowing right here and now that Spirit is moving through each and every part of the Universe. Everywhere that is seen and unseen, the Love Intelligence of the Universe encompasses All. 
I know my Oneness in Spirit. I know each breath I breathe occurs in the Oneness of all Life. 
As I know this for myself, I know this for each and every person who has agreed to join in this prayer. I know that in this collective field of Consciousness, All is well. The Greatness of each of our lives show up today and everyday as this human expression. The unfoldment of our lives occur in the most magnificent manner. I know that we can stand on solid ground, knowing that each and everyone of us are strong in Spirit. Everything works together for the Goodness of our lives. 
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I am so very Grateful to know the power of prayer. I am so Grateful for Spirit, for Life, for Peace. I am thankful for all that Life has to offer. I rest in Gratitude. 
I release this prayer into the Law of the Universe, knowing that Spirit is right here and now. I Let it all go. And So It Is. Amen. 

hoto: Prayer circle, © Brett Jorgensen /