The focus on the vacuum speaks to me about the chore to be done. Then your eye follows the vacuum hose back to the person vacuuming and, to her, vacuuming isn’t a chore at all. It is a wonderful opportunity to play.
This photo tells the story of childhood from the child’s perspective.

Photography is my passion and past-time. Every day I photograph someone or something. And each time I push the shutter button I intend to make art. Sometimes, I succeed. Other times, I just do and allow the act of intention to be good enough.

Recently, I received an invitation for a private photography Facebook group. Initially, I questioned my invitation, thinking they must have mistaken me for someone with more skill. Ha! I was assured that it was no mistake. As I looked at all the other women’s work, I wondered how I would ever live up to their artistry. 
Almost in the same week, I was gifted a 30-minute consultation with Bruce Fredenburg. He asked me what I wanted to work on. I told him courage and photographic artistry. I explained about this creative group and how I felt unworthy. I wanted to change that and, not only live up to the invitation, but exceed my wildest expectations. He said, “We can work with that.”
Our 30-minute consultation turned into about an hour and a half. He not only gave me easy-to-do exercises, but also the brain research behind why doing them would release my fears and expand my possibilities.
My favorite exercise is called, “Wouldn’t it be nice…” He told me that before I photograph anything, before I process my photos or before I work with this group of photographers to say to myself, “Wouldn’t it be nice if  ____________ turned out better than my wildest expectations.” Easy, right?!?
So, about four hours later, I found my preschooler spontaneously vacuuming the house. I grabbed my camera and initially captured photos I judged as poor. I started beating myself up saying in my head, “No! That’s no good….Ugh!” Then, I remembered. I took a breath and in my mind repeated, “Wouldn’t it be nice if these photos of my daughter vacuuming the house turned out better than my wildest expectations!” Instantly, I started looking for the light and removing unwanted objects from the frame. I told her that the dining room (where the beautiful light streamed in from the windows) was very dirty and needed vacuuming. She moved into the room. I got down low. She started dancing. I began photographing. Then it happened. I got the photo that exceeded my wildest expectations.
Bruce explained it this way, by saying, “Wouldn’t it be nice…,” you move your mind from the paralysis of negative thoughts to the ease of possibilities. I relaxed. And all the information I needed to remember and do came flowing into my consciousness. I was calmly able to react and take advantage of the opportunity in front of me. 
This is only one example of the many exercises and ideas Bruce has in store for participants at his upcoming workshop Turbocharging the Law of Attraction. Join me and move from paralyzed to possibility!