Sometimes I get caught up in my day-to-day activities and lose sight of the Perfection in my life. Disappointments, illness, and miscommunication can leave many of us feeling disconnected from our vision and from the Divine.

Having not taken the required training to be a licensed practitioner, I wondered how someone who has dedicated their life to affirmative prayer sees rightly even when things seem unsettled.

That brought me to the second question in our series featuring our Center’s practitioners. If you missed the first question, you can find it by clicking HERE. Also, if after reading all the wisdom and insight from our practitioners you want some prayer support, you can find that by clicking Prayer Support.

How do you view life differently through the heart of a practitioner?

Since becoming  a practitioner, I have many ways of knowing and seeing the best possible outcome for others. People and situations I am asked to pray for are quickly resolved with the Light and Love of Spirit.

I imagine the Light of Divine Energy illuminating everyone and everything. ~~ Darrolyn Fennelly, RScP
As I look at life through the eyes of practitioner, I find that I am more conscious, more aware, more available, more connected, more forgiving. I also find that I appear to be more approachable by folks who feel comfortable enough around me to talk through some of their issues. I don’t necessarily do anything but listen, but they seem to feel I’m a safe place for them.
I was at a seminar and I realized that I bring my practitioner consciousness into life with me…. I don’t really even need to try anymore.   That’s cool! ~~ Dave Friedman, RScP


Life is so incredibly good, you know? My life is good, the lives of people around me are good and I am grateful. And the more I reflect on how good life is, how grateful I am, life just gets better. Looking at life, and at people, through the eyes of a Practitioner…I see everyone and everything through the eyes of Love. I can disagree with someone on politics or social issues, but I know that we are both unique expressions of God – we are of the same Source, we are all One. Yes, sometimes I get off track. But, as a Practitioner, I have built-in tools that help me correct my course. ~~ Pam Rocke, RScP

Since becoming a practitioner, I view life as a continuum of God’s expression, knowing that whatever comes about, seemingly good or seemingly not, is simply a representation of what is being called to be revealed.  ~~ Reverend Karyn Allen


As a practitioner of the  Science of Mind philosophy, I see my life and my world in a positive manner.  I know that there is a power for Good in the Universe and I use that Love and Power to see the world and all my affairs through that lens.  I know that God is Good and I am supported and loved by this Divine Energy!
And so it is!  ~~ Reverend Judee Chapman 
As I journey through my practitioner training, and as I prepare to become a full-fledged practitioner, there are times that I question myself, especially when I do not have all the answers as to why Life is the way it is.  Since I know that I will aways be a student of SOM, regardless of credentials, my perception of Life may change form, but the essence remains the same.  I’ve come to know that there is only One Heart, One Mind, One Source, and this is a major comfort for me.  And the magnificent reality is that knowing this, really knowing this, has changed all my relationships, my view of life and the trajectory of my purpose here.  My heart is filled with Generosity and Love, as well as a delightful sense of expectancy that all is Good; and my desire to serve has exponentially increased.  Therefore, there is more compassion, joy, and beauty in my life.  Being a practitioner is an exemplary way to create and activate the power of Love and transformation in myself and to become a way-shower for others to move toward their own freedom and to experience their Light. ~~ Donna Wallace, Intern Practitioner