As Palm Sunday rapidly approaches, I am internally pulled to our annual presentation of some of the music from Jesus Christ Superstar. I interpret the events of the Holy Week metaphysically. It is one of my favorite Sundays. Why? because the music is deep and evocative? Absolutely! The music touches something within us that relates both to the human condition and the Divine Presence.

One of my favorite songs is Gethsemane, Jesus prayer in the garden.He has just shared dinner with his friends.  He asks his disciples to stay with him while he prays but they fall asleep. Jesus knows what is about to happen and in this moving song, he prays to God to find another way for him to fulfill his destiny. It is easy to bring compassion to this man. Usually there is not a dry eye in the house following that song. The lyrics are:

“I only want to say, if there is a way.

I have changed.  I’m not as sure, as when I started.
Listen surely I’ve exceeded expectations 
Tried for three years, seems like thirty. 
Could you ask as much from any other man?”

Then I was inspired/ now I’m sad and tired

Take this cup away from me,  for I don’t want to taste its poison,

Feel it burn me,

We may never have that life-ending experience looming over us, but almost everyone can relate to doing what needs to be done in times of need. I have often known that I should take  a certain direction, but because I didn’t know how it would end,hesitated about taking action. Sometimes we hesitate to please others, sometimes to avoid danger or sometimes just to avoid change.

In her poem, The Invitation, Oriah Mountain Dreamer writes:

“It doesn’t interest me if the story you are telling me is true. I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself. If you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray yourself. If you can be faithless, and therefore trustworthy.”

Being true to myself means I am listening deeply to the Presence within and allowing that guidance to direct my course. Our authentic self knows only to stay on the right course, to go in the direction of the highest good. It is human to want support. When have you needed support emotionally and your friends or spouse couldn’t be there for you? Perhaps they didn’t understand your need. perhaps like the disciples, they just went to sleep. Going to sleep metaphysically means forgetting who you are; forgetting your spiritual dna. We forget who we are when we think we are not enough; when we think that somebody is against us. The Truth is that the entire Universe is always conspiring to obey our commands, to follow our wishes, which It knows as our beliefs.

Stay awake. Connect with the Presence. Connect with  friends. Of course, we have been given the gift of choice and free will. We get to set the direction of our dreams but the way to them may be filled with obstacles. Remember the nature of God as Law  is fulfilling our desires. Say yes to it all.