A sacred space created for meditation.

Completely surrendering in meditation is to become absolutely vulnerable to Spirit.  Many of us have a fear of losing control of our lives; we always want to be in control.  We want to know what to expect out of situations we enter into.  For many of us, being vulnerable can be a cause for anxiety. The unknown can be scary if we are not prepped in advanced.

Liken it, for a moment, to going to a movie.  Many of us are already prepped beforehand, by seeing the trailers, or reading the user comments from movie websites.  We know if it is “worth” seeing based on the reviews.  We go into the theater and expect to see the comedy, drama, or romance that we chose.  We enter the theater, are familiar with the dim lights, the stadium seating, and the comfortability of strangers, all entering this space with a collective thought.  We are in this together.

In meditation, one is to completely surrender thoughts, and allow the stillness to be evoked.  It is a space where the still small voice becomes in tune with the beat of one’s heart, with the inhale and exhale of one’s breath, and the natural rhythm of one’s body.  It is a space where a loss of control is the freedom to one’s Soul.  Meditation is a deeply personal experience while entering in a collective Consciousness.  An opening of one’s heart so wide, to the vulnerability, where listening is not just about hearing it’s about feeling answers. It is a whole body shift, where each cell is affected if one allows themselves to delve deep enough into Spirit.

Being that vulnerable can cause some a sense of resistance.  If one has ever been rejected by another in love, they may be hesitant to be that vulnerable again.  In meditation, vulnerability has no path to rejection.  It only has a path to enlightenment.  If you find yourself in a place of resistance toward meditation, set your mood, create a space for it.  This not only means selecting a space in one’s home, with a carefully selected chair, cushion, or alter; it is also to create a space in one’s heart for it.  Set the tone, be vulnerable, and just show up to see what happens.