In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependency on initial conditions in which a small change at one place in a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state. The name of the effect, coined by Edward Lorenz, is derived from the theoretical example of a hurricane’s formation being contingent on whether or not a distant butterfly had flapped its wings several weeks earlier. ~ Wikipedia

I am always struck by how the topic for today from the Joyous Living Journal matches what is going thru my head before I get out of bed in the morning to write my blog post. “Remembering Spiritual Truth” is the title for today, and we are reminded that the most powerful spiritual practice is more than sitting on our meditation cushion in the morning and seeking the Presence of Spirit. The most powerful spiritual practice is taking Spirit with us throughout our day. Knowing that we are the Voice, The Hands of Spirit on Earth as the song says, in our every action and reaction. Like the butterfly who’s wing beat can start a hurricane on the other side of the planet our interactions with those around us can show the power of our God Qualities as we personify them.  If we think about how we are living in this way, everything we say, everything we do becomes a prayer and matters.

Even the smallest act of kindness will reverberate across great distances and spans of time — affecting lives unknown to the one who’s generous spirit, was the source of this echo of good. Because kindness is passed on and grows each time it’s passed until a simple courtesy becomes an act of selfless courage, years later, and far far away. Likewise, each small meanness, each expression of hatred, each act of evil… ~ Dean Koontz

Contemplation: What are some of your favorite spiritual principles and truths? and more importantly how will you personify them on this day? Because You Matter.

butterfly effect
You Are The Wings Of Spirit On Earth

Affirmation: Spirit is all there is, in every situation, person or event, I remember a spiritual truth in any moment of concern, worry or doubt.

And So It Is!