A new year always feels like an opportunity to start over, heal the past, and move on. To help facilitate that process, plan to attend Dane Stevens’ two-hour workshop Reclaim Your Power, on Sunday, January 26, after the Sunday service. Dane will also be our guest speaker that morning.
In this interactive workshop participants will experience first-hand the work as it is laid out in the book Reclaim Your Power and learn how to bring their traumas of the past to resolution. Participants will be given practical information and tools to safely bring the energy that is held in the body’s nervous system in the form of past experiences and erroneous beliefs out for healing. Through this process you will learn how to free yourself from the unwanted behaviors and patterns you experience in your life and re-connect back to your true nature of peace, power, joy, creativity, appreciation, and love.
Dane is the creator of the Neuro Trauma Healing Process and the Soul Re-Cognition Process, two healing modalities that have garnered international attention. He developed these strategies in 2008 and has greatly helped individuals seeking physical and psychological healing and spiritual development.
The workshop will cover many of the topics from Dane’s book Reclaim Your Power which he published in 2019. Dane is originally from BC, Canada where he attended some SOM classes with Dr. Heather. Now their paths are crossing again.