When we say “Yes!”, the Universe responds. 
Last Wednesday, LeVar Burton launched his Kickstarter campaign to crowd-fund his latest Reading Rainbow project.  It was a lofty goal of bringing children’s books to EVERY child through our latest technological advances.  His goal was to reach $1 million in the course of the campaign (35 days).  Imagine his astonishment when his goal was reached in 11 hours.  Today it is almost at $3.5 million with 28 more days to go.  His reaction to the overwhelming response was heartwarming.  This is his passion, this is his purpose. 
LeVar is a perfect example of living his passion.  He is a great example of living on purpose.  When you find that place within you that is filled with passion, you may have found your purpose.  What really makes you happy?  What do you love to do?  When you align to the thought that your passion is your purpose, the universe can not help but respond.  As in LeVar’s example, he said, “Yes!” to creating a new adventure (“I am now in uncharted territory”).  The universe responded with an agreement to his “Yes!” In this instance he was overwhelmed and humbled.
“I thought I knew what the world was like. I thought my beliefs and my opinions were sufficient enough to clearly define the world in which I live. And this week, I have been so surprised. When something like this happens, it’s affirmation that, are you kidding? You’re not alone? You’re not alone! Why would you ever think that you’re alone, that you have to do this by yourself? Human beings were built to cooperate, collaborate. It’s one of the things that we do brilliantly. I had forgotten that for a minute. And I’m so happy to be reminded.”
This is such a perfect example of someone saying “Yes!” to a passion, and the universe responding with, “How high?” 
Besides the wonderful example of purposeful living, LeVar gives a wonderful tribute to Maya Angelou. They worked together on the set of “Roots.”
“We were about to push “go” on the campaign. I mean, literally, it was happening at the same time. And right as we were pushing play, The New York Times confirmed. It was a shock. It was like, “Oh my God.” However, I also recognized in that moment that there was a symmetry to that. The passing of a giant in the literary universe and the birth of this new way to spread the gift of literacy. I just know that she’s up there, pullin’ strings, inspiring people, orchestrating things. She’s quarterbacking from the other side.” 
Butterfly in the sky
I can go twice as high
Take a look
It’s in a book
A Reading Rainbow