Kids need gardens more than they need iPads.
Kids need gardens more than they need iPads.

Today’s Joyous Living Journal states that “It’s through simple awareness and subtle tweaks to behaviors that will make a difference, impacting all of us sharing this earth. When you don’t know better, you can’t act better.”

I feel far more comfortable calling for complete revolution. I feel that we are just placating ourselves with these simple tweaks and aphorsims. I would change “raising awareness” to seeking truth.

My friend was sharing what she sees as our primary challenge. She describes it as a challenge of self discipline, not as self denial but one of “maintaining energetic integrity.”

“Energetic Integrity” is when what you say, what you want to create and what you are doing are all in alignment. Our current path with our planet is certainly not one of “energetic integrity.” We know this.

We are all one. We are all tapped into this collective consciousness which includes the Earth herself and we KNOW we are not taking care of her and therefore ourselves. We know we are making ourselves and our world sick.

Everyone knows this, on some deep level in their DNA, and it causes us to live in fear.

And how do you get rid of fear? You shine a bright light into the places you fear. 

Yes, we need to plant seeds of peace but first we need to rip up the soil and treat it with a good dose of truth and awareness. We need uncompromised loving truth with ourselves and uncompromised loving truth with others. Take a good look at where our power comes from, where our water comes from, where our food comes from.

We need to teach our kids about gardening. We need to teach our kids how we really treat the ocean. Our kids will be coming up with the next set of answers. We must seed their minds with the ambition and dreams to create better choices and a better life. We must seed their minds with uncompromised loving and complete truths.

When we are collectively truthful with what we have done and are currently doing to our planet we can collectively create answers which are in alignment with our desires and create a world which works for everyone.

What’s behind that light switch?
How does water come out of that faucet? 
Where does it come from?
What is the story of my food?

We must be truth seekers.

And peace will be found with energetic integrity.