Happy happy happy are we

Happy happy happy are we
I love you, and you love me
Together we make a happy family!!

When my children were young and in the “Barney” stage of life we often sang this little ditty! We sang it to express our love, to feel better when we were down and we sang it because we were “in love” and we were happy! I loved this time of parenthood, my kids were so receptive to songs and, books with messages of character, kindness and creativity. I was keenly aware of the seeds that were being planted in my childrens mind and like a good gardener I was mindful of the crops, the seasons and the patient nurturing that was required.

Fast forward to this year when my children are now young adults and we see each other when they have time, and can fit their dad and I in to their busy schedules. We no longer sing silly songs or use the plates with the affirmations on them at dinner. They are truly the head gardeners of their lives. To prove my point I received a text from my daughter a few nights ago. All the text included was a link to a Huffington Post article. I followed the link and saw a title that made me stop. “How to Get Flat Abs, Have Amazing Sex and Rule the World in 8 Easy Steps” I think ‘she’s been hacked’ – can you hack a text? Surely this is not something my sweet daughter would send to me. And yet I continued on to read the article and was fascinated and excited! This was great stuff! This was really good and powerful and, and, and — my daughter had sent it to me!  About the time I finished reading the article I received another text from my daughter. This one said “read it – you’ll like it. And it mentions one of your favorite books!” And I thought, oh my god! My daughter is sharing her seeds with me — the seeds she is planting in her mind, in her life as the gardener of her own life – and not only that she knows one of my favorite books –but wait which one was she referring to? I had to go back to the article (all of this on my phone) and read through it quickly to realize that she was referring to The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Yes it is one of my favorite books and yes, my 24 year old daughter is harvesting and experiencing the seeds we planted all those years ago. And, so am I!

The stage of this gardeners life has changed too. I no longer make up silly little songs – well not often. Everyday I plant the seeds in my mind for what I want to grow in my life. Today, I am planting seeds of acceptance and trust. And, like a good gardener I am planting them confidently in prayer, watering them with affirmations and trust, surrounding myself with other spiritual seekers who remind me that we are all gardening together.

Here is the link to that article that my daughter shared.