universal reflections of love and joy
Join us Wednesday night and bring Joy to the world and a dish to share!  

Our reality is determined by how we perceive and relate to our self perception and other people.

Our physical perception of reality is based upon temporal circumstances that are constantly changing. It often creates feelings of fear, worry and stress that leads to illness and depression.

Our spiritual perception is based on our universal reflection of divine love and joy.

It is a perception of Oneness with everyone and being in harmony with the universe.

Every day we can be in harmony with universal reflections by bringing joy into our life and sharing joy with others.

Join us Wednesday night and bring Joy to the world and a dish to share!
Rev, Geoff Layng

A cancer survivor of more than 20 years, Rev. Geoff is dedicated to inspiring people to find their wellness. He has facilitated many support groups at the Wellness Community, area hospitals, North County Oncology Associates in Vista, and a support group at our Center. Also an international speaker, he founded the San Diego Chapter of National Speakers Assn. in 1982. He has been a student of Quantum Physics and Metaphysics for over 40 years. Revs. Geoff and Madi live in San Clemente and have eleven grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.

Starting this month, March 5th, the first Wednesday of each month we will have a potluck and social time starting at 5:45 pm. in the multipurpose room. 

 Bring your favorite dish to share with others. The service will start at 7:00 PM.