This month’s global vision theme is all about service and one group who generously serves our community is the Practitioners. We have 19 Practitioners and five Ministers who lovingly hold our Center and it’s congregants in prayer throughout the year. It’s a title that doesn’t come without commitment, dedication and faith and I’m on a quest to find out what’s behind the title. Who are the people that serve as Practitioners?

Practitioners must take two years of required Science of Mind courses followed by another two years of Practitioner training. In that time, participants take a deep personal look at their thoughts and beliefs and learn how to “see rightly” as Ernest Holmes would say. To become a licensed Practitioner, one must take a written and oral exam. 

Throughout the month, I will have a conversation with our Practitioners through a series of questions that delve deeper into what’s behind being a Practitioner.  Already, just with the first question, I’m inspired; I hope they inspire you too.   

 First question: 

Why did you become a Practitioner and how has your Life changed?

“My decision to be a Practitioner came from a prayer demonstration for my perfect health in 1993.  In my first Science of Mind class,  SOM 101, my prayer partners  (five people)  prayed for the healing of my physical heart; a valve wasn’t working correctly and the doctors said I needed surgery.  After 6 months of prayer, I was tested again and all damage in my heart was gone.  I knew then that I wanted to share this great teaching and affirmative prayer with others to assist them in making their life better!

My life is filled with joy and gratitude as I pray with others and see dynamic results of prayer.  Its such a wonderful feeling of Love. ~~ Reverend Judee Chapman


I actually made my decision to become a Practitioner about a month into my second year of Practitioner training. I had started Practitioner classes because I wanted to continue my studies and deepen my own understanding and practice. At some point, I realized that I love serving, in fact much of my life centers around serving.

My life now is radically different. I enjoy much more abundance. I am more financially prosperous, I enjoy my family and friends at a deeper level and I have more confidence. I have stepped further and further into leadership. And in leadership, I can do my part in making this a better world for everyone. ~~ Pamela Rocke, RScP

I decided to become a practitioner because I was so excited about how the Law worked.  I wanted to share the gift of Joy, Love, Wholeness, Peace, Prosperity, and Creativity with all those who could not see it in their own lives.  I knew it was possible for anyone who desired it and wanted to share with them the infinite possibilities. 
Since becoming a practitioner, I have lived a life of my dreams.  When I look back on how my life was before becoming a practitioner, I realize how much I have manifested by simply utilizing the practices of prayer and meditation as a lifestyle.  I can never go back and I would never want to. ~~ Reverend Karyn Allen

My decision to become a practitioner was at one level the natural next step during the normal course of  my Science of Mind study. Also, I was becoming aware of the opportunity to help others by knowing and holding on to the Truth about them. An amazing gift for me to give.

I find myself living more on purpose and being more conscious, and I find myself honoring others in true Namaste fashion… ‘The divine in me recognizes the divine in you.’ 
~~ Dave Friedman, RScP


For me it is a sacred calling.  My path to God was through service.  I have found no greater joy in life than watching someone step into their own power and experience their own creative process. To watch someone become a bigger, fuller, expanded version of who they truly are and what they came here for. 

Since I have become a Practitioner,  I have met the love of my life and we got married (we met in practitioner class).  My joy and serenity levels have tripled.   There is more love, more joy and more prosperity.  I have over 100 clients that I have had the privilege of serving and I have an awe inspired appreciation of Life. ~~ Kathy Story, RScP


Almost from the time I first walked into a Church of Religious Science I wanted to have the consciousness of the practitioners I met. I saw in them, something I wanted. I quickly began classes and worked toward that goal. By the time I began practitioner training, my husband had Parkinson’s Disease and I needed all the tools I learned as I went through that awesome training. It was one of the most growth-filled times of my life.

Since becoming a practitioner, I have learned what a blessing it is to serve in this way. Having practitioners for prayer partners has brought some of the closest relationships I have ever had and I am learning to trust others to help me when I need it. I live in more peace than I ever could have without this learning and support, but most important of all has been the fellowship of the practitioners who have served with me in every Center I have belonged to. They are giving, loving and we are there for each other. This allows us to be there for others. It is a blessing that I am truly grateful for. ~~ Dr. Jeanne Hounshell
I decided to become a licensed practitioner about 5 years ago after using the principles consciously since 1986.
My life has a much more purposeful direction since I started using SOM principles in all parts of my life.
Lots and lots of good abundance and gifts  in all areas of my life. Beautiful home, beautiful wife, boat, friends, vacations  great business.. I treat every morning before I get out of bed and it works!! ~~ Patrick Freeman, RScP


When I was taking Practitioner Training Classes my wife said to me: ” Now let me get this straight, the Catholic Church only needs  two miracles to be verified after a persons death and they are asking you to verify 3 miracles while you are alive”…without much hesitation I said “I think So, yes”. ….That is the kind of conviction and belief I have in our teaching and the positive effects it has on my life. ~~ Reverend Arpad Petrass 

I decided to become a practitioner because it was in harmony with what I was already doing in my profession and the knowledge and practices offered more tools to help my clients.  How it has changed my life is that i now have something to do that makes a difference when in the face of circumstances that seem difficult or even hopeless without this knowledge. I am able to generate a sense of trust and calm.
The decision to become a minister was similar. it was the next class and the next step. How that changed my life is understanding this teaching more completely and enjoying an even deeper connection, recognition of and trust in my source. As an aside, it sometimes startles me when I notice people at the Center seeing me as somehow different from them after I became a minister. ~~ Reverend Bruce Fredenburg, M.S., LMFT


Deciding to become a practitioner was a natural progression. As I learned more about my connection with spirit, it became very easy and satisfying to be in prayer. Every time I pray for another I find myself being blessed as well. What has changed in my life is a total trust in the givingness of God. ~~ Fred Mercado, RScP


I decided to become a Practitioner because I saw and felt the power of Spiritual Mind Treatment.   It was a different prayer than I had known growing up, and I wanted to understand it and be able to help people through powerful prayer. 
How it has changed my life to be a practitioner is I have discovered the joy of self-awareness, self-discovery and, instead of trying to be what I think the world wants, I have come to reveal and understand what is mine to give to the world. And, I have found the greatest gift I can give is to look for and see Truth for myself and others. ~~ Reverend Pattie Mercado


I have been involved with Science of Mind in sporadic spurts, from 1996 through the present.  I was very much involved with Agape International for a couple of years in the late 90’s, however, due to distance and work, the desire waned.  After changing my lifestyle as a career person and moving into a more unstructured one, I discovered that I had no clue how to move on. Changes were happening to and around me and I wasn’t sure I could cope.  I ran into a dear friend in 2011 who was a CSL practitioner and I began having monthly sessions with her.  I initially did this because my beloved dog, Margo, was dying and I wanted to be there for her, but did not know how.  I admired my friend greatly and I spiritually flourished under her guidance. As a CSL Practitioner, she not only guides me, she demonstrates and lives her life as one with ease and grace.  In many ways, she supported me to help myself.  She introduced me to CSL’s Online classes and in 2013 I signed up with the Foundations class.  Since being involved with CSL’s Online schooling, it has been one of the most rewarding times in my life.  It became more and more evident, as I gained clarity and awareness as to who I am, that there was something larger than myself moving me forward to a greater good. As I continue on in my studies, my desire to serve has been strengthened and grown.  There is an affirmation stated in a book by Paul Selig (The Book of Knowing and Worth) that struck a cord in me and which made me realize how important it has always been for me to know myself. I have used it in contemplation on many occasions; 

“I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve.”

The Centers for Spiritual Living has been a direct channel for me to express myself, and I am able to embody that sense of surrender to the greater good that I have always wanted to experience.  The love and support experienced in this community of souls reinforces and reminds me of what it is to be alive and ready to serve. ~~ Donna Wallace, Practitioner Intern