Skateboarding as a form of inspiration

Each Sunday after service at Center for Spiritual Living, Capistrano Valley, a gathering occurs.  It is a meeting of the Minds, a Conscious Connection.  In this group an unfoldment occurs to demonstrate how this entire world can be used as an example of Spiritual connection.

This past Sunday, the topic was The Law being a willing servant. On that day (July 27th), the Joyous Living Journal, mentions The Law of Cause and Effect as being a “willing servant.”  It states, “The Law of Cause and Effect is a stern taskmaster but a willing servant.  The causes you have set in motion have been playing out in your life.”

Sometimes we want to change an outcome in our lives, but the outcome continues to occur over and over again.  If we know how The Law of Cause and Effect is set in motion, we can begin to understand how we can change our course; we can work at the level of the subconscious.  “There are simply consequences to the inner, subconscious stories about life that you come to believe. Over and over again, the Law is showing you what is stored there, without variation or relief. “

In this past Sundays gathering, skateboarding was used to understand the physical law of gravity, and how we can use it as example of understanding the Law of Cause and Effect.

Skateboarding can sometimes get a bad rap.  We see signs all over each shopping mall which ban these “rebellious” behaviors.  Interestingly enough, they are actually perfecting their craft, they are practicing their skills.  Over and over, they attempt to defy gravity. In actuality, instead of defying gravity, they are learning how to use gravity to their advantage.  They are giving us examples how to use this physical law to work as their “willing servant.”

In the video Worlds most amazing skateboard tricks, we see the polished outcome of each skateboarder. We see only one mishap, just one.  The reason for this is not to make it seem easy; it is to acknowledge that the outcome of using the law of gravity has been honed.  With each of these skateboarders have come so many trails, so many failed attempts, so many cuts, scrapes and bruises.  The thing is, this video shows how it is possible to use this law as a partner, as a “willing servant.”  These skateboards have come to an understanding how gravity works and they are using it to their advantage, or working in tandem with it.

Sometimes our challenge is that we do not want to see the trials, the fail attempts, the cuts, scrapes, and bruises.  We may want to go straight to the finished, edited video of our perfect lives. We have to remember, if we are stuck in a situation and we cannot get out of it, it may be necessary to look into our subconscious thought, and this could require doing some very deep, and possibly emotionally painful work.  If our deep-seeded thoughts are not changed, we may not be able to get to that point of using the Law as the “willing servant.”   Also, if we cannot even imagine it is possible, it will not be possible.  Using the skateboarder as our visual example, ask yourself if you are as willing as the skateboarder to continue to practice over and over again to see a different outcome.  Imagine a different outcome as your life, if you are in a situation that is unfavorable, and use each and every day as practice.  Look for the examples in life in each and every crevice.  “By truly changing your mind/heart/beliefs about something, you can cocreate a new reality. Use the Law, don’t be used by it!”

And So It Is. Amen.