A Birthday Bouquet

I have long thought that being a skilled teacher would be an advantage in a ministry such as the Centers for Spiritual Living because there is a great emphasis on taking classes. I have had some wonderful teachers in my life — great models of creativity, wisdom and love. One such teacher was my father, Gordon Clark. Gordon’s major was in mathematics. he had an ability to take the most difficult concepts and simplify them. He was also very patient when students didn’t understand quickly. He had a agreed to tutor my then husband every Saturday morning. He would be ready with humor and wisdom for the lesson even when his personal life had taken him “out with the boys until four in the morning.” My dad inspired me.

I remember, years ago, a member of the congregation of a Center grilled me on my idea that being a teacher gave me an advantage in a Science of Mind Center. She said that people don’t need a teacher because the truth is within them already. I know she spoke the truth and a great teacher helps students discover their own gifts. I believe that is the teacher’s job to remind her students of their infinite potential and their worthiness, right now! It is true that we do not need a teacher to put ideas into students’ minds. But it is very helpful to have a teacher hold up a mirror to for the student to see her magnificence. And with a good teacher the spiritual  awakening is more rapid.

Many years ago, I was led to see the vision of my future life, of what it could be. That vision has inspired me ever since. I saw myself being celebrated. In the vision, I was several decades older than my present age. I was living by the ocean near a port. there were palm trees all around. I heard people coming to thank me for helping them, for making a difference in their lives, helping them to see who they are and who they have come here to be. Basically I am living my vision now.

And in order to move into the vision, I have had to make many changes. I have had to let go of my present good to open to my future good. Resistance did not help at all it simply prolonged the experience. I simply took the next indicated step. When I have been able to do that, trusting that I live in a friendly universe and that the Source of All wants me to succeed, life has flowed with grace and ease.

For my recent birthday, I received three bouquets of flowers. Each one is beautiful and I did not compare them I simply enjoyed them. A gift of flowers is symbolic of the gift of transformation. With care, some of the flowers will provide beauty for a long time. Other flowers teach us to be in the moment. 

Doing right work for your soul is not the end of the story. You must keep growing and listening to the deep calling within you.

Is there something that is calling you to become? Have you been deeply listening and seeing with your inner eyes? Like me, you may be living your dream now, and get ready, more is on its way!