Could 20 minutes a day change your life? This Sunday Rev. Ann Ronan shared that a Buddhist nun who was also a Physicist shared with her that 20 minutes of meditation a day could transform a life. Rev. Ann never forgot that.

November begins our theme of Meditation.

I am a fairly recent convert to the practice of meditation and I must admit that I am always wondering if I am “doing it right.” I also sometimes wonder if I “should” be doing it … after all there’s work to be done, kids to keep track of, laundry to do and the never ending list of things that need cleaning.

I’ve heard that Ghandi would meditate extra on busy days … then I muse that Ghandi didn’t have a two year old … and I’m no Ghandi afterall.

So when Meditation Techniques Demonstrated by Deepak Chopra was shared at our service yesterday I was all ears. I came home and replayed the video to absorb even more.

What is Meditation?
Is it to handle stress? Is is to tune out? Is it to get away from it all? Deepak has a way of clarifying these seemingly esoteric ideas for us.

Deepak shares that meditation is to tune in, to get in touch with yourself, not to just destress but to find peace within yourself. To get into the space between your thoughts.

To get into the space between my thoughts?
“according to wisdom traditions this space between thoughts is the window, is the corridor, is the vortex to the Infinite Mind, The Mystery, that some people call it The Spirit of God … it’s your core consciousness.” 
What does Deepak think I am going to find 
in the space between by thoughts?
  1. a field of Infinte Possiblities
  2. that Everything is connected to everything else
  3. Infinite Creativity & Infinite Imagination
  4. Observer Effect or the Power of Intension

He basically says that meditation is where we connect with God, where we connect with our own spirit, our own potential.

Directions for a Healing Meditation or How to Cure a Migraine
Sit comfortably on a chair or couch, sit up, no slouching, support your posture with a pillow if necessary, don’t cross your legs and leave your hands in a receptive position. 
Deepak goes on to ask that you say out loud “I AM … I AM … I AM” This is a mantra. It is a tool, a tool to connect with yourself and to displace the thoughts that crowd your mind, to draw you back to your center when that monkey mind starts in. Then you bring the mantra into your inner voice.
I encourage you to listen to the entire video. I did the healing meditation at our Sunday service and I actually did feel a huge improvement in my lower back following the meditation. Deepak shared that this technique can also head off a migraine. How wonderful is that!
The Power of Intension or 
Meditation and The Law of Attraction
“Intention in this space is very powerful and orchestrates it’s own fulfillment.”
Deepak clarifies that “positive thinking” will cause stress if you’re trying to force it. He says “It’s more important to quiet your mind and see your intensions.” 
Fill your heart with gratitude and ask your heart “What is it that I want?”
And listen for the answers. I can do that.