Arriving at LAX for our flight

I’m SO tired, I thought, my schedule sucks this week!

As I drove all over God’s creation doing last-minute errands, shuffling my kids to T-Ball and soccer, making sure our clothes were clean for our trip to Holland, I was plum-tuckered out…and stressed out. 
My husband had to go out of town for business up until the day we left for Holland. 
Here I was, racing around town “getting things done” for this amazing trip our family manifested, yet, I was cranky with all the things that had to get done before we left.  

What happened to the excitement and gratitude I had only days prior when we miraculously manifested the trip?

What I became aware of was that I had celebrated this manifestation for about five minutes and then I allowed myself to sink into the stress of the tasks that had to get done before we left, rather than staying within the feeling of gratitude….
….and that choice caught up with me in the form of stress.
I chose stress for myself and that energy showed up in my day.
I chose a line at Walmart, which ended up not being the line one would want to be in.  The lady needed a price check. The wait got longer.
I hit every red light in the town of Laguna Niguel.
I ran behind in picking my kids up at school and felt myself sweating as I ran up the hill hoping their teachers were running late in letting them out of the classroom.
My stress created more stressful circumstances in my day.
I came to this awareness and did the one thing that melts it all away….
…I took a breath.
I realized my actions and went to back to gratitude.
I reminded myself that the busyness I was experiencing came from an amazing miracle in my life.
I decided to go back to the gratitude of that miracle.
I remembered the feeling of when it manifested in my life.  
I remembered the excitement.  The laughter.  The genuine gratitude I felt to Spirit for working out the

details of this trip to Holland…

…and then another miracle happened….
….the stress melted away.  
A smile reappeared on my face.
The sweat went away…
…and joy came back into my day.
The miracle of choice was evident again.
I chose joy and then another miracle…
….everything got done.  A miracle, indeed, and then…
….we landed in Holland one hour ahead of schedule (when does that happen in travel now-a-days?)

It does when one chooses joy and allows Spirit to  lead the way.
Today, I choose joy and give thanks for all the ways it shows up.