Love lifts us up where we belong….. in clarity, peace, joy, creativity- in unity with Life. It happens in the present moment transforming any and every experiences unlike itself by the light of Love. 
 Together, this month, we have been lifting the vibration of our lives and the life of our planet with the practice of Living in Love. We have shone the light of love upon ourselves and each other with random acts of kindness, intentional prayer and contemplation. We have, together, brought our awareness to the power and the presence of Love in a greater way. 
We often remind ourselves:  look up! See the Good that is all around! By lifting our eyes and our hearts upward we are reminded to lift our consciousness up.  We lift our consciousness by being in service, seeing the good, practicing Random Acts of Kindness, and by being in the moment (just to name a few). When out hiking this week I reminded myself to look up from watching where I was walking to see the beauty and the magnificence that was all around me. In doing so I caught the most beautiful moment in nature as the sun was beginning to set and the Saddleback Mountains were glowing with the setting sun. It was breathtaking and awe-inspiring. My heart and my mind were lifted in the beauty of the moment. 
Love is up, down and all around us!
And then I was reminded Spirit is everywhere when my friend and our office administrator, Diane showed me a picture of what happened when she looked down this morning. The fallen flower petals just outside our office window look just like hearts! The truth is Love is everywhere. Up, down, to the left and to the right. It’s everywhere we look because it lives within each of us. When we open ourselves to seeing it we find that it is already there.
For me, it was best said by three-year old Kate: 

“I am happy because I love you”. 

Thank you Life for showing me Love truly is everywhere present 
making Itself known by means of all of us!