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Jumping for Joy on the Beaches of Laguna
Go Outside & Feel the Joy

Express the Love and feel the Joy.

Shame and regret are just as much hooks as blame and anger.

We aren’t here to be sad … we are here to experience love, joy and beauty.

It isn’t so much what happens to us as how we react.

And if there is someone in your past whom you feel you could have loved more, helped more, treated with more kindness and you chose not to or you just weren’t able to at that time … you can still express that love now.

It may not be a direct exchange with that person but it won’t matter as we are all one.

If you are still breathing you are not done yet.

Don’t sluice your joy. And if you need a little help … go outside, look and listen.

And so this morning Jason Mraz’s song “Outdoors” just kind of fell into my lap. I can only consider this confirmation!

“Well open up your door
And be like me
Open up your door
And then breathe free
Look at all the beauty you’ll feel
Love love love love

“Listen to the music of the wind
And the birdies sing
We’re just one big family
And all of nature deserves to be
Loved loved loved loved loved”