Ernest Holmes writes: “When we find we are without friends, the thing to do is at once to send our  thought out to the whole world; send it full of love and affection. Know that this thought will meet the desires of some other person who is wanting the same thing, and in the same way the two will be drawn together. Think of the whole world as your friend,but you must also be a friend of the whole world.” Science of Mind, p.298

Do you have enough love in your life? Have you been sending your love out to the entire world?

Many people remain lonely despite wishing for human companionship. I am curious about the reason this is so.

Could it be that we are sending un-loving thoughts out to the world? On what are we focused? If we believe that all the good ones are taken or that we can’t trust people we have never met, we are planting seeds of loneliness and separation.

Are you being a good friend to the people who are now in your life?

Have you  experienced love at first sight? Do you believe it is true love?

Feeling attracted to someone may be true love, but you will not know for certain  for some time. Love usually needs room, time and space to grow. So maybe the feelings need to deepen.

In the story of The Alchemist, the boy fell in love with Fatima immediately their eyes locked and he was smitten. That feeling of wanting to be with Fatima was a stimulus to Santiago. He wanted to stay with her but he also knew that she would have greater regard for him if he kept on his path to find the treasure. It wasn’t that she wanted the treasure, but rather she would be proud of her man for being true to himself.

I wonder if it is true that love is a stimulus.

Ernest Holmes writes:”All is Love yet all is Law. Love is the impelling force and law executes the will of Love. Man (human) is a center of God-consciousness in the great Whole. He cannot deface his real being, but may hinder the Whole from coming into complete expression through his life. Turning to the One with a complete abandonment and in absolute trust, he will find that he is already saved, healed and prospered.”.” The Science of Mind,p. 323

It seems that Ernest agrees that Love is a stimulus; he says love is the impelling force.