The soul is healed by being with children.
                                              -Fyodor Dostoevsky-

On the February 15th entry of the Joyous Living Journal titled, The Power of Love, the reflection of the love for an ill child is written.  It mentions a time where all the love in your heart is being summoned by you to relieve this child from their pain.“Without knowing how to make your child feel instantly better, you sit by, watching and waiting, which can be a heartbreaking sense of helplessness; but somehow it turns into an outpouring of deep love.”  “There is a calling in of a transformative power, you don’t know where from, but with all your being you believe there could be Divine Intervention.”

Typically, I would reflect on my own children when reading this passage, and at first read I had.  The image above found on the Thich Nhat Hahn Facebook page, is an image by Chiceaux Lynch, and it portraits the exact sense of my reflection.  But, yesterday, as Spirit would have it, an Agape Soul Sister blessed me with a story of a divine nature. A man, a London stockbroker, who was on his way to a vacation ski trip in Switzerland, was asked by a friend to abandon his plans and join him in Prague, the year was 1938. The reason, to assist his friend in a Jewish refugee camp. Sir Nicholas Winton, as knighted in 2002 for his work, established an organization to aid children who were at risk from the Nazis. Through his efforts he transported 669 children to adoptive families or groups. The fate of many of their parents were their death at Auschwitz. The last train to leave, on September 1, 1939 included 250 children aboard. As this was the beginning of World War II, this largest transport of children did not make the journey to safety of the previous trains. They instead were sent to concentration camps and put to death.

Those children who Winton did save were named, “Winton’s children” and it wasn’t until 1988, when his wife found a scrapbook in the attic, that the story surfaced into the mainstream. The scrapbook detailed all the children and their destinations.

In 1988, Winton was asked to appear on a BBC television show, That’s Life! Host Esther Rantzen asked if anyone owed their life to Winton and about 30 people stood. This appearance brought Winton to tears.

While we, as parents, have the Love associated with our own children, imagine having that Love for 669 and the heartache with those 250?

Today I will know that the Love I show to my children is not only a responsibility, it is a privilege. 
Let my Soul be healed by being with children.