Taking the time to search and examine.

Yesterday we had an amazing workshop with Rev. Michael Gott of the Houston Unity Center. I knew I was in the right place when Michael clarified that while seeking happiness, peace, or a new career path is all well and good but finding Purpose is really at the core of what we are here to discover.

We examined our desires, interests, gifts & talents, and values. And while I have journaled ad nauseum in privacy on these topics there is something quite different about sharing them outloud within a community. Having that compassionate, all accepting soul to bounce things off is truly empowering and challenging all at the same time. It’s times like this when you experience the profound power of having a spiritual community to hold you up.

In four hours we traversed a lot of ground. There were various exercises to explore four main areas:

gifts & talents

The discipline for me comes in being absolutely genuine and self accepting in my responses. To trust and insure that my answers are unquestionably precise and absolutely devoid of self censorship and perceived judgement. Letting myself take the time to search and examine knowing that it is not self centered or self indulgent but rather the first step in giving my gifts to the world.

We start to reframe our life story. Sorrows point the way to our values. Patterns of fear and anger show us where great healing can take place. Obstacles become doors and blocks become stepping stones when we surrender to Spirit.

What a gift! Thank you Rev. Michael Gott.