Have you ever found yourself not knowing what to do so you do nothing? I have and I don’t like it. I don’t like feeling powerless, at effect, limited by my conditions. I don’t like it because there really is nothing for me to do and we live in a world of doing. It’s true, when I am stuck I cannot ‘do’.  But something in me knows – I can be. Just be. I sit in the silence and listen to It. It is my intuition, the voice of God within.

Sometimes I listen for a minute, or five, or thirty. I just listen. Yes, I get interrupted, yes, I start over and yes, I listen every day.

Learning to listen to my intuition was a journey. You see, I was a doubter. I was a young person who thought answers came from what I could see, touch and know around me out in the “real world”. I did not yet trust that a valid answer to any real question could come from my gut, a hunch or simply because I felt it. It wasn’t even that I belittled the idea of intuition I simply didn’t acknowledge it as an adult experience. To me, knowing not feeling, proving not trusting and listening to my head not my heart was a sign of behaving like an adult.  If you know me, well you know I got over that old idea! I still appreciate wisdom and knowledge. If anything, today I sway on the side of my intuition. I might say to my husband “I think there’s something up with the car” and he will ask “what?” And I really cannot give him an answer that means anything to him or the mechanic. I respond, “I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel right.”   And, in a few days he will say something like hm, I have to take the car in for “name the mechanical diagnosis”. I didn’t know what was wrong but I sure sensed it. I love this example because I know that there is not a part of my life where my intuition does not “work”.  Often, I am inspired
with intuition in my work creating or presenting a lesson, listening or teaching.  I love living by my intuition and I love knowing that my hunches, my gut, my intuition are all part of my spiritual maturity.

So, when I find myself stuck with a question, a decision, a dilemma big or small I know I really can just stop. Stop in my tracks not because I can’t do, but because I can just be. Almost anytime and anywhere I can pause and listen. There are very few, if any exceptions.  I find there are many opinions, ideas and answers available to me out in the world and what I know is my best answers come from within. I would suggest that is true for all of us. The answer, words, direction is always known within each of us if we just listen. Listen to the voice within, listen to our heart, listen to It, our intuition.

This month our spiritual inquiry at our center is to connect to our intuition.  Wherever you are on your spiritual journey you are welcome to join us in this powerful inquiry. I’m excited to see where it takes me and to share it with you!