the infinite possibilities found in a box of crayons
Enter into the joy of creating.

Do you remember the excitement and joy of a brand new box of crayons?

Whether it was the box of 8 or the mongo 64 count with the sharpener in the back of the box, I sure remember the thrill.

The thrill came from the infinite promise, the possibilities, oh the possibilities.

Now sometimes that thrill was dampened by the fear of making a mistake or worry that your perfect box would no longer be perfect after you used them. Maybe you had a hard time deciding what you would create or that your creation would pale in comparison to what the kid next to you was doing.

I actually remember gettting an F on a drawing project because I colored a snowman light blue and pink. And no I am not scarred from that experience as the parental uproar was both swift and furious (thank you Mom and Dad.)

Now I am in that happy place where I just love the act of coloring (or painting or drawing or whatever). It’s a treat for me. I find joy in just watching the pigment meet the paper and I know that participating in the act is pleasure enough.

Maybe that’s all we need to do in life.

“We must all become artists in living. 
To live by inspiration means to sense the divine touch in everything; 
to enter into the joy of living.”
 ~ Ernest Holmes

And don’t underestimate the “lowly crayon.”

Now check out the work of Don Marco, Master Crayola Crayons Artist. Enjoy