The artist in this video is Andres Armador. He creates art in the sand knowing it will always be reclaimed by nature. It is profound to me – this idea of creating beauty, putting my entire self into an idea and letting it go. Some of what he says in the video struck me –

“nothing else is on my mind when I’m doing the art work”

“I’m using my whole body”

“I’m not attached to the pieces when they are done…I can’t hold on to them”

This is a great insight for any of us with the lesson of giving up control and a glimpse of what is possible!  I consider:  As I give my gift, I let go of my attachment to it and let it become all that it can be. I release my attachment knowing I have given freely and wholeheartedly. When I have given my gift and when the tide comes in with a fresh idea I am free from old patterns, old thoughts and ready for a new creation. I strive to give of myself 100% and let go of my good so that I can experience even greater.

It’s not a new idea. Lao Tzu says quite eloquently “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be”. Is there something in your life that you can let go of so that it might become something greater, or you might become a greater expression of you? I