Yesterday I visited a dear friend in hospital who is nearing his transition.

When I was ready to leave, he asked if we needed anything. He had just told me, how much pain he was in and yet, his generosity of spirit that has been his hallmark was still present: always concerned about our Center, always asking what we needed, even in his time of need. I am in awe of the Presence within him. He is a man who has made a difference.

I love Daniel Namod’s Last Song! It speaks to me about who we really are. What are we doing here? Below is a portion. The video contains the whole song.

If this is my last song,
If this is my final day,
If tomorrow I’ll be gone,
What do I want to say?
If this is my last song,
If it’s my time to go,
When my body’s moved on
What will I have to show?
Oh, but fortune and fame – they scatter to the wind.
The things that make a name – just don’t matter in the end.


Is the world a little more peaceful?
Oceans and sky a little more blue?
Is humankind a little bit wiser
About the good that we can do?
Does the sun shine a little bit brighter
Where before there was only rain?
If so, then I’m glad I came.

You are here to make a difference, large or small. Are you glad you came?