Tune into the Love of God

Imagine listening to a radio station, we select the content we like to hear based on the push of a button.  Take that image and instead of radio waves, place your thoughts in those call letters, station numbers.  When we are tuned into the Love and Light of Spirit, we hear a wonderful stream of good thoughts.  From those thoughts we experience life with eyes of ease. 

Sometimes we catch ourselves on a different station and wonder who changed the channel. Remember, we are the ones who select our station.  We are the ones who can change it.  When we do get around changing the channel, the world has a different meaning.

Once we tune into KGOD, events that seem miraculous will begin to appear.  It is not uncommon to have circumstances that seem to be “coincidental” happen.  In our line of thinking, there is no such thing as coincidence.  Events that occur in one’s life are in direct alignment with the thoughts which one is tuned into.

If we find ourselves out of sorts, it is time to pray and meditate.  Being still, and allowing the flow of the self to fall away, to expose the True Self is a conversation in Spirit.  If there is a longing in our heart, there is a longing in our Soul.  Quench Soul’s thirst with the taste of meditation.  The connection experienced in meditation is far beyond a verbal conversation we have as humans.  The conversation in Consciousness with Self is a transcending moment, which puts us exactly in the space where “coincidental” events become the norm.

To experience meditation join Center for Spiritual Living, Capistrano Valley every Sunday morning at 10:00am. Meditation occurs just before the service at 10:30am.