harvest basket of delicious organic produce
The seed is the plant.

Just as it is and just as it is not.” Oh how those words said at the end of Service seemed to contradict each other.

I have vague memories of turning to my husband, eyes rolled and saying “well, that pretty much covers everything now doesn’t it.”

So it just seems fitting that today’s entry in the “Joyous Living Journal” lands on my blog day.

“Could you live in joy and have a vision?”

Can you be in Joy over your life just as it is and still retain a Vision of how you want it different?

I know my days go much smoother when I stand in gratitude and joy over all the details of every day.

But when we look at the possiblities of what could be it can stir up a little discontent.

In 2014 I am exploring this idea more by keeping a Gratitude Journal as well as writing out my Vision in full, by categories with sensory details and the qualities I want to grow. What I am already finding is that the seeds of my Vision are already very much present in my Present.

It’s An Agricultural Model
Knowing that Now is the only moment we have to make any change I will nuture these seeds with gratitude and joy knowing that they are the seeds which will grow.  Knowing that the plant is already perfect within the seed. I will enrich my Vision by learning where my Joy is found through acknowledging the Joy I experience everyday.

And So It Is.