It's Cool to be Kind: February is the month of Love & Kind
Looming to spread Love

Traditionally, when we think of February, we think of Love.  We think of Valentine’s Day. We think of spreading our love to those around us with special cards or gifts of Love. 

In current times, it has also become the month of Kindness.  Everywhere you look, Kindness is in the air.  My children’s school is participating in #26 Acts of Kindness campaign this month.  The school will be instructing the students about what it means to everyone to be kind.  It will encompass an Anti-Bullying week, and an All Abilities Day, arranged by yours truly.  All Abilities Day is day of activities to allow the students a glimpse into the life of a person living with certain restrictions, or special needs.  Our Spiritual Center created “Living in Love” activities where we spread our love creatively.

Next week is the “official” random acts of kindness week per and Kindness is in the air.  My daughter has created symbols of love by making rainbow loom bracelets to share with her friends. 

Still in the first full week in February, we all have a chance to participate. Take the whole month to spread love or just pick one day, just one day, to share your love with someone. 

In video below, John Butterill shows us his virtual Photo Walks. What came out of his videos are an amazing connection to others through his hangouts. Photographers throughout the world starting sharing their virtual Photo Walks as well!

Stay Connected. 
Be Kind.
It’s Cool.