Sometimes we get so caught up in crafting the perfect memories we don’t see what is right in front of us.

Or “Christmas Television with Ella” or “How I Caught Myself Being A Holdiay Cynic” either way it’s a reminder that sometimes things are just perfect as they are. This is a little memory I wrote at Christmas time when Ella was 6.

With Ella fed, bathed and in her pajamas we found what looked like a cute Christmas story. All three of us snuggled into the luvsac for some cuddle time.

I was looking forward to an old favorite, something along the lines of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, or the Snoopy/Charlie Brown Special (I always loved the way Snoopy skated).

The special was entitled “Nestor the Long-Earred Christmas Donkey” … WHAT? WHO IS NESTOR?

I immediately sent Darin a text to his phone asking him if this was some kind of joke … have you ever heard of Nestor?

As the show continued it was blantantly similar to Rudolph. Much like Rudolph with his disturbing red nose Nestor’s troublesome feature was his incredibly long donkey ears. I was irrate by the templated story. As the story progressed I felt resentful of the emotional manipulation not to mention they ripped off Rudolph!!!

On a commercial break Darin did a little Googling and discovered that Nestor was from the late 70’s. Ok, I know that they take stories and rework them to see what what will work. I will let this one pass. Maybe I just can’t get into it because I don’t have any history with Nestor so I am actually seeing it as a grownup.

 I am watching this show thinking … this is so transparent and stupid. This is absurd. Why do they always have to just emotionally wreck you. They get the kids so wound up and filled with emotions.

I felt Ella’s little body start to weep and a little sniffle is heard. Darin turns to her and asked “Ella why are you crying?” (It wasn’t a sad part at all.)

 Ella’s little voice “It’s … just … so … beautiful.”

I think sometimes we get so driven to recreate the same holiday experiences of joy and wonder with our children we forget that we have to look anew and find joy and wonder just where we are.