Intuition  – the ability to acquire representation or knowledge about things, apparently without reasoning or usage of reason in general. ~ Wikipedia

Sometimes I feel quite intuitive and at other times it feels like that part of the eye examination when the doctor is asking you to choose between lenses.

A tool for transformation that I’ve been working with lately has been writing meditation. I journal or free write for 30 minutes straight, perferably uninterupted.

My Writing Meditation Guidelines (as I have prescribed for myself)

  • Frequency – Everyday. There’s a power to doing things everyday. 
  • Tool of Choice – I freewrite with a pen in hand. I still have never gotten used to doing my thinking or processing work at the computer. Maybe someday I will devote some time to spending these free writes at a computer or even go old school with a typewriter, preferably electric.
  • Timer or Page Count – Time your free writes instead of measuring it by the pages. Set your timer and turn it out of view. 30 minutes. Being conscious of how much time you have remaining is an obstacle to being in the moment.
  • Optimal Speed – It’s fast enough that you aren’t thinking too far ahead of yourself but you aren’t fumbling with your pen. You’re out of your head and out of the way.  
Sometimes I pose questions and sometimes I just write. There is always a discovery at the end of the 30 minutes. It’s a way of tapping in that always works for me. I receive answers and sort out ideas on a regular basis.