Shine bright like a diamond. 

Tiffany & Company is an American company founded in 1837. Known for the exquisite expertise in diamond cutting, the master craftsman cut each stone to a size which releases its brilliance. The brilliance is the way the diamond reflects and refracts light. The reflection is the ability for some of the lights rays to hit the surface of the stone and bounce back.  The refraction is the ability for the remaining rays of light to go into the center of the diamond and bounce off its internal walls to reflect back. At Tiffany & Company, releasing the brilliance of the stone may require cutting away up to 62 percent of the rough diamond.  This is the process Tiffany & Company uses to to produce a diamond product they deemed “The Best There Is.” 

Similar to our lives, the brilliance is already within us. Over many years, we may have formed a rough exterior. The exterior can be from years of listening to societal voices stating our imperfection. Just knowing those hardened layers are an out picturing of our journey, can bring one to the understanding for a need to change. Seeking a master craftsman of our own, will aid us in the cutting away of that roughness. Imagine removing 62 percent of the thoughts which keep us from living a brilliant life. 

Though the highest grading of a diamond is Flawless, Internally Flawless describes a diamond which is near Flawless with only small blemishes on the surface.  Much like our lives, internally we ARE flawless, but we may still have a little bit of roughness around the edges.  Our charge is to know our own Light, and to allow that Light to reflect our brilliance.  Cut away those layers of stone to maximize our brilliance.  With our continued Spiritual work through meditation, prayer, journaling, and reading, our brilliance is able to shine without question.  No longer is it o.k. to be the diamond in the rough.  Polish those edges, maximize your brilliance, remember your Perfection, and reflect some of that Light that shine so brightly within you.