Not action on the movie screen but action in our own lives… Action towards our own personal dreams!

Today’s entry from the Joyous Living Journal is Action and it starts off by saying:

“Intention, without action, is not enough.  Decide, act, move in the world with confidence, knowing you are coming from and toward your intention.  Do not allow your fear, doubt, or uncertainty keep you from doing, acting, or moving in the direction of your dreams…”

After reading the entry for today, I was immediately reminded of a quote attributed to Goethe:

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.
– GOETHE                                     
(I will add that upon further research there appears to be question as to who the original author of this quote really is, in the end the words are powerful regardless of who originally wrote them.)
I believe the “genius, power and magic” in the boldness of action is really Spirit.  Coming from your intention is the main ingredient, when you come from the place of your dreams you have the excitement and power of the feeling you get from seeing the dream as reality and that vibration is what propels our actions forward.  It is amazing the “coincidences” that will come into play when we come from and toward our intention.  The whole Universe conspires to support us the moment we decide and take action in the direction of our dreams!
Think about what it is that typically prevents you from taking action on your intentions… Fear of failure?  Not having the all the right resources at hand?  Not sure of all the steps required to get “there”?  Whatever it is, let it come to mind, with out any judgement, and let it go.  Release the “could have, might have, should have” thoughts with unconditional love.  
It’s all good, you are in the right place at the right time, exactly where you are.  And exactly where you are is the PERFECT place to start heading in the direction of where you want to be!  See yourself there, feel what it would feel like to be there, and coming from that place, decide what is the best first step you can take right now, from where you are at, with what you have.  Continue taking those steps… That is how the journey unfolds! 
Affirmation: I act easily and boldly in alignment with my intentions.  I let my intention lead me, acting and doing without stress or worry.