Each one of us has habits that are good for us. For instance, we have learned to brush and floss our teeth. We have learned to get still, silent and meditate. We have learned to fill our day with gratitude.

It is easy to maintain those good practices when you are happy and healthy. It might be more difficult if another being interrupts you whether a dog, cat or spouse. But most of us can still dig deep into divine mind, and continue after the interruption.

I recently was sent a short video which you will see below. The video features the Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia that was built smack in the middle of the elephant’s yearly trip to feed on mangoes.  I guess the builders thought the elephants would go around the lodge. They don’t.

They go straight through the reception area.

Although they have a two-week old baby with them, of whom the mother was very protective, they still went right through the lodge. The elephants were wild and can be very dangerous. Yet here is an example of how animals in the wild will stay their course and will do it peacefully.

Has someone or something plopped down right in the middle of your spiritual practice? I believe the message from the elephant herd is to continue to go for that sweet food that feeds your soul. Do it calmly and peacefully and all the  strange creatures will cooperate with your intention.

Enjoy the video.