How Spirit works always amazes me.

Today I was on my way to the Center to attend Michael Fennelly and Megan Weston’s concert, when the San Diego radio station I listen to gave a traffic report, which included these words, “Traffic is slow southbound on the I5 right down to the border, it starts backing up at Camp Pendleton.  If you are coming from San Clemente or Laguna Niguel, take an alternative route!”

I have never heard them mention any cities in Orange County before in the daily traffic report. For San Diegans, Camp Pendleton is the furthest north that affects them. I guess he was making a joke, but I felt as if I had just had an intervention from Something Greater Than Myself. The fact that I live in Laguna Niguel and was in my car, fully intending to take the freeway to the Center was also amazing! But that is how our Intuition works. When we are open to it, it uses all resources to direct and guide.

Today I read a couple of articles I wrote a dozen years ago or so. I had been published in the local paper and my mom was so proud, she kept the articles.They were pretty good! I read the content to see if I still believed what I had written so earnestly over a decade ago. I do. I guess when it is spiritual truth, it is timeless.

But there are some ways I am very different than I was ten or twenty years ago. One of those things is my appreciation for classical music. When I was a child I took compulsory music lessons (compulsory by my parents) I took six years of Royal Conservatory of Music lessons. That means I was studying classical piano from people  who also could not play. I liked being at the piano but I didn’t like what the music I was making. (Music is being used very loosely here.) I practiced as much as I could stand, but even my best rendition of Claire de Lune was terrible, never mind any of the more difficult pieces.

Last night I attended Michael Fennelly and Megan Weston’s concert! It was exquisite — filled with poignancy, beauty, and depth. If I had heard someone like Michael play the piano, I would have been a better student. If I had heard someone like Megan sing, her pure unaccompanied voice, crystal clear as she trilled up or down the scales, I would have learned to like Opera.

Now, I can’t change my past, but I can change my perception of it. Maybe the same guidance that had me listening to the San Diego traffic report has always been with me. Maybe now, right now, is the time to expand my cultural horizons.

Is there something in your life that you should re-examine? Is there a decision you made, based on the perceptions of a small town culture, or a small-minded mentality, that you could change.

The Universe is immaculate in its precision. There is only Divine Timing and nothing else.