We have a problem with our neighbor.

I never thought I would say these words.

We teach oneness. From an awareness of oneness, we learn to respect opinions that differ from  our own. We learn to appreciate other points of view.

Yet we have a problem with our neighbor. My problem with our neighbor is that their employees are hogging all the parking places. We have been focusing on the problem for some time now and it has grown. Rarely do I find a parking space in our parking lot. Many of our tenants are fed up and simply double park or park on the street. Neither of these solutions is legal. There are many rumblings. 

At one time we thought we had a solution. One of our Board of Trustees negotiated with the Regional Vice President of the company to make a deal that at least 17 spots would be kept for us. When this man left the company  in August, the situation has grown larger. Our administrative staff has been asking their employees nicely to move their cars. they have also been putting a copy of a note that the former VP wrote to their employees. Many of the employees are civil but some are rude.

When we bought this building there was only one small firm in our neighboring building. Parking was no issue at all.  We have a shared use agreement which means that anyone can park anywhere. 

Another part of the issue is that according to code, you need 4 parking spaces per 1000 square feet of building . Our building is 19,500 square feet. We should have 76 spaces. Their building is 44,510 square feet which means that they should have 178 spaces. Here is the rub. The parking lot only has between 188 and 250 parking spaces and 13 of those are for handicap parking. When we bought the building we thought the shared use would be a benefit because our largest crowds are on Sunday when most other businesses are closed.

If we know anything about Principle we would know that the problem would have to increase. So what is the solution?

We could mark some spaces. I found a perfect sign for me!

Of course that doesn’t address the whole issue.What can we envision? What would be a win-win for all?

I can envision a management team that really want to be good neighbors. I can envision a plan in which we treat each other with respect. I can envision a plan in which this company sees how neighborly the other is being. I can envision an agreement of limiting the parking so there is open space for clients. I can envision the company moving and  a smaller company taking their space. I envision a world that works for all.

I can envision a friendly universe . In fact I know that I live in  friendly universe which always supports me. I also know that divine mind does not distinguish between negative energy and positive energy so it has only been saying “yes” my beloved to our daily prayer of “There is no parking.” 

I am ready for a different experience… so I am ready to change my thinking. I am no longer the problem and i do not have a problem with the neighbors. I practice right thinking and the Universe responds with solutions.

Here is a way to solve the problem for me!