What if you got nothing from meditation?

When we think about meditation, we tend to think of getting something from it. Yes, it is true one may get something out of meditation. The real question to ask is if one is getting nothing from meditation.  After all, isn’t meditation a practice where one is to silence one’s mind/ thoughts to a space of nothingness?
Some meditations can take you on a journey, like in guided meditation. These are very helpful in uncovering a thought process, or receiving an answer from a long sought after yearning. 
We have meditations which use sound to center our thoughts. Mantras or chants can bring one to space of reverence with just the tone.  
We have walking meditation where we use the sense of sight to assist on our journey.  We walk in the Oneness of all living things. 
In silent meditation a mind can become completely still and enter into the nothingness of All Things. 
Close your eyes, start to remove yourself from all attachments to all senses. Start to imagine yourself deeper into the nothingness. Continue to imagine yourself in a deeper space of nothingness. Continue this process where your thoughts are no longer competing for attention. Feel the nothingness in the cells of the body.  Continue to imagine yourself even deeper into the nothingness. This is the space where one completely lets go of everything, a place where the Oneness of the Nothingness is sensed. Try to reside there for as much time as you feel pulled to. Know that after a certain amount of time your Self will guide you back to your body to come back to the present. 
Today I center myself in the Nothingness of life. I am completely immersed in the Nothingness, and I move from this space to experience Peace.