I am peace.

I am because I just affirmed it.

I affirm it 50 – 100 times a day.

I affirm it when my kids are driving me crazy.

I affirm it when I make the poor decision to go to Costco on a Sunday afternoon.

I affirm it when I am, in fact, in peace.

I affirm it so much that I spent some creative time today drawing this image to remind me that I am peace whenever I walk by my in-home altar.

Why do I affirm this instead of I am rich, I am successful, I am happy, etc?

Because being in peace encompasses all of that.

If all I affirm all day is I am peace, than I will naturally embody everything else.

Last week at a Leadership meeting, Dr. Heather walked us through an exercise that allowed us to dwindle down to the one God quality that we felt when thinking of a joyous memory.

My memory occurred the night before during a late-night swim session with my boys.  We were swimming under the stars.  I could still hear the echo of my boys’ laughter in my ears as they played on their own.

I was so full of joy at hearing their laughter.

Yes, because a child’s laughter is so intoxicating, but mostly, because it showed the deep love they have for each other.

They play so well together, they love each other, they go beyond brothers…they are “bros.”

As I remembered the evening, I noticed my physical body.

I was calm, tingly all over noticing the electric energy that I felt.  I noticed the feeling of love expanding from my body…not the love of a mother for her sons, but even more vast than that….

…it was a love of life.

It was a love of all.  It was a love beyond what I can type out on this minimalistic keyboard.

It was love that left me almost paralyzed in peace. 

What I realized, was peace to me was this all-encompassing emotion that embraced love, gratitude, beauty, abundance, prosperity, joy, heath….
…all the qualities of God.
As I sat there reminiscing on this overwhelmingly intoxicating feeling of peace, I realized, that it was all I had to affirm in my life.
Plus, it’s one of the easiest affirmations to say when life gets crazy, or when life is at peace…
…like God, it truly is, all there is….
….and that is what I am….try it with me:

I am peace. 

How’d that feel?
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