In the August 1951 issue of the Science of Mind magazine, author Linda B Huber wrote an article titled, “With What Do You Agree?” The following is an excerpt from that article:

“Life for all of us should be so sacred, so sweet, so holy, so marvelous because we bear His Image, because we have been fashioned after his own likeness; because his Spirit is within us; because He hath set his Love upon us; because this world is so filled with His glory and wonders of His handiwork; because we are one Spirit, members of one divine family.

I agree with God only! Words of Life and Light. Say them, ye that are storm-tossed, sad, weary and alone.

I agree with God only! Words of Peace and Power. Say them ye that are discouraged, disheartened, doubtful and worried.

I agree with God only! Words of Truth and Beauty.  Say them ye whose lives are dark, sad, unhappy and unlovely.

I agree with God only! Words of Wholeness and health. Say them, ye whose minds and bodies are out of tune with the Infinite.

I agree with God only! I see only Good in every condition, therefore I know all things continually work together for  my Good. I see only God in my mind, my body and in all of my affairs. I agree with Peace. I agree with health. I agree with abundance. I agree with God, the Good, Omnipotent! Within me! Now!

I believe these words of wisdom are timeless and just as inspirational  today as they were 66 years ago. Let’s practice together.