Intuition is  my favorite topic right now.

Probably because I have consciously chosen to LIVE intuitively and follow it when it talks to me.

For years, I didn’t recognize it, then I started recognizing it, but didn’t act on it, simply because I didn’t understand it.

It wasn’t logical.  It wasn’t always easy.

But, as I have grown spiritually, I realized how much I wasn’t living the live I really wanted to be living.

So, I knew I had to live more intuitively and act on the guidance I am given.

In a short time, many amazing things have happened and I’m demonstrating over and over why listening to my intuition is the way to go in life.

Living intuitively has made such a difference in my life that I decided to create an episode about it on my YouTube channel and thought I’d share it here:

What about you?
How do you live intuitively?  Share in the comments below how intuition has worked in your life and whether or not you feel you live intuitively or not.