A beautiful view for a New You!

Today is the day where many of us around the world are feeling the effects of starting anew.  It is a new year and we have a sense that something is going to change in us, things are going to be different. We will start to be resolute in an idea that has been simmering within us for some time. Our determination is palpable, we know things will be different.

Many of us use our intellect to make resolutions for this new year. We really are going to change something this year!  The question is to be asked: How will life change for us if we are still the same? This is a question that should be asked prior to having the determination for change. What if we take a new direction in this idea of New Year’s resolutions? What if we decide on having New Year’s revelations? A revelation has so much more of an excitement attached to it, than a tone of  “have to” when deciding on resolutions. If we are doing the same things as we always have done (New Year’s Resolutions), and expect a change in our out-picturing of life, this is a time to become still.

Becoming still, as if in meditating, is entering into the Consciousness of Allness, of the Oneness of All life. For in this space their is a Knowingness that passes human understanding. It is a space, that when entering into, brings a peace that is so much deeper than just calming oneness with mental techniques. Finding a quiet place, sitting undisturbed from distractions, and imagine a connection with all of life, every single part of it. While imagining this, get to the feeling of it. Immersing yourself in what it would really feel like to be completely connected with each an every living being. This is the space where a True vision is held. This is the space where revelations come. This is the space to start anew. Ask yourself:

What is the True vision for my life? 

Where is my life best served? 

Finding answers to question of depth may be revealed in due time. Through this process we call visioning, answers may come by way of directly verbal, shapes may be noticed, and/or colors. Look for the answers to your questions in everyday life. If a color is revealed in visioning, make a point to notice it in everyday life. It is all about changing focus. Have fun with it, reveal your true self, start anew. 
Happy New You!!!