In a recent conversation I learned that many spiritual faiths focus on abundance in October because in ancient times October was the time of harvest and repaying of debts before the long winter months. It’s not surprising to me that the origins of abundance morphed into children knocking on doors asking neighbors to share their abundance in candy.

Do you know how much children love Halloween?? I’m pretty careful when it comes to giving my kids sugar. Candy bars are definitely a treat. So when Halloween comes around and the children are literally swimming in candy bars, life feels extra abundant. It’s the one time of the year when children have the opportunity to go out and earn or ask for their good.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been struggling to make sense of fair compensation, prosperity, abundance and wants. I’ve learned a tremendous amount about myself. Out of determination to know the Truth, this morning I looked to the Science of Mind textbook and found some interesting insight in the meditation section. Ernest Holmes writes:
My affairs are in the hands of Him, 
who guides the planets on their course, 
and who causes the Sun to shine.
And I shall not be hindered in my work. 
My affairs are controlled by Perfect Intelligence,
And cannot be hindered from expression.
I know that all that I do is done from the One Motive;
To express Life; and Life will be expressed
In and through me. I cannot hinder it.
Isn’t trick-or-treating the perfect example of perfect work combined with Life expressing. The Universe (and maybe the candy manufacturers) so loved it’s children that it created a day to express and demonstrate abundance. A time for children to express themselves in costume, go out and ask for their good. And working through the love of adults in the neighborhood, Spirit provides in abundance. With delight we give and with gratitude they receive regardless of worth, without judgement and with incredible joy. We are all blessed.

The same can be said for my good and your good. It’s all expressing right now through you and through the people around you. Just open you hands or bags or buckets and receive..receive your good in all its forms…candy, money, love, you name it. Knowing that simply being and showing up is enough.

So Happy Halloween Friends! May you all experience the abundance of Spirit tonight and throughout the year.