Our daughter’s graduation 3 years ago
This June our son will be the grad!

Graduation for our family falls on Father’s Day this year. It is perfect in so many ways. As our son joins his sister as a university graduate we the parents are coming to the end of an era. After twenty-two years of one or both children being in school we are about to be complete. Tuition, grades, homework, projects, school activities, teachers, professors, classmates, roommates, housing, etc. etc. are over! What on earth will we do with our time (and money)!  Our son, the graduate, is receiving advice, congratulations and words of wisdom from well meaning friends, family, professors, potential bosses advisors and anyone who can get a word in. In light of this and because I know we are not alone, I am offering my own reflections on what this momentous occasion means to the parents of the graduates.

Congratulations! You did it!! No matter where you are on the parenthood journey if you have made it to the end of the school year you have reached a huge parent threshold. Take time to acknowledge and appreciate all of the growth, change, success and failures that have been experienced over the year. And be ready for the next one… 

It’s just the beginning, it’s not over – the fun has just begun! Whether your child is graduating from kindergarten, middle school, high school or university, we the parent, keep on growing and learning about ourselves and life. What better classroom than that of being a parent! Each year the kids start over in a new school, new grade, new classroom. We too start fresh with renewed intentions, goals and plans of our own. Take time to reflect on your parenting successes.

Well done! Really! I find it helps to remember that our kids are on their own right and perfect path and the best way we can help them to navigate this busy and always changing life is to do our own work – work on our own life and model for these amazing kids what it means to be authentic, honest, creative and purposeful.

Mostly what I want to say to all of the parents out there is this: Congratulations parents of graduating students – you have reached a significant crossroads in your life as a parent. May it continue in joy and love.