A creative expression from a purpose workshop lead by Vidette Vanderweide.

The Joyous Living Journal, July 2nd installment is titled From “Analysis to Action”.  It mentions, “Alchemy doesn’t just look at what’s at hand and analyze it; it uses what’s there and transforms it into gold.”  When we are moving through something that is a hurt, pain, wound, or block, we may seek answers as to the why of the situation.  It can be in our nature to wonder and analyze our life. What the Joyous Living Journal is suggesting is to, “Take your wounds and blocks as fuel to create, write, produce music, paint, dance, or whatever your creative modality is to bring forth the masterpieces of your soul.”  It goes on to say, “But remember, don’t make producing a masterpiece or needing transformation your goal, but rather keep creative expression as your purpose.”

Aside from a product of artistic expression, this mindset can also be used to create a beautiful life. The idea of “creating memories” is one idea that I constantly revisit in my own life.  Creating memorable experiences for my children and husband is something that I enjoy doing.  Spending time with my family can be more than just being in the same room with them (though that can be great too), it can be heightened by taking something simple and creating it as a memory. Recently, as suggested by my husband, we started going to the park to play frisbee after dinner. With the daylight being extended, the time to play has also been extended.  What I noticed about myself is that I almost forgot what it was like to run around and play at the park.  Now that my children are older, we don’t go to the park as often as we used to.  Creating that family time gave us an avenue to make a memory for our children, as well as for myself.  Though it seemed an effort beginning this new ritual, it soon became effortless, turning into an daily desire.

Getting into a rut of the “same old, same old” just takes one moment of action to get clarity on how to “create” a beautiful life.

The reflection statement from the Joyous Living Journal: “Take the feeling from a blockage in your world, and take those emotions and pour them freely through a creative expression of your choice.”

Have a wonderfully creative day.