A children’s book filled with Light reveals a Spiritual connection.

Making a choice to contribute your monetary holdings to back a campaign is a choice we are all becoming familiar with in the latest popular phase of life known as crowd-funding.  Kickstarter has a great marketing slogan in the words: “projects we love.”

Upon reviewing some of the Kickstarter projects, I decided to contribute my first funding to a project by Jessica Collaco.  She was embarking on an adventure to bring a children’s book to the world.  This particular book was to bring an understanding of the importance of shining your light for all to see and not be embarrassed of your light.  Jessica has a wonderful blog www.childunplugged.blogspot.com/ where she writes of her experiences growing as a mother in this Spiritual existence.  In one blog post she mentions the website Do As One, which was co-created by her husband, Jaime.  This a Universal breathing website, where people from all over the world come together to collectively breathe as One.  I mention this particular information because the connection with this Kickstarter project first occurred in Spirit.   You see, I too, wrote a blogpost about the Do As One website last August, knowing it was connected to Agape International Spiritual Center, where I serve as a Practitioner.  Not realizing the connection with Jessica until recent, I again remind myself of no-coincidences.

Making the decision to back this campaign was very personal.  I saw a place for good to be spread in the world and I felt compelled to agree with it.  I wanted this woman to spread her word, to shine her light.  I am happy to be able to support her contribution to our children.

I am drawn to children’s book that have a great purpose.  When my children were little, I loved picking out the books with great messages.  I would head to the bookstore read the books in their entirety and make my decision.  The books of choice became really good friends, they were a catalyst to build a connection, a reference for life’s lessons, a visual guide to help with choices or childhood fears.  My children still remember the inflection in my voice when reading, giving the characters accents or personality.  I inserted sound effects whenever deemed necessary.  I loved reading these children’s book to them just as much as they loved hearing them from me.  Of course, now that they have grown to 11 & 14, I can not part with some of the beloved books.  I will add Firenze’s Light to my addition, holding it near and dear to my heart, knowing that I choose to assist Jessica in shining her Light for all to see.