Take a moment to stop and reflect on the beauty all around. 

During the Holiday rush, it is easy to lose track of time. We hear about how time fly’s from Thanksgiving through the New Year. This is the perfect opportunity to take a moment to completely stop. 

If we are finding ourselves overwhelmed with obligations during the holidays, remember that it is acceptable to replace some of those obligations for time to yourself. Taking a time to reflect is as important as all the obligations we place upon ourselves. 
When we fill ourselves up with face-paced holiday activities, a sadness can occur at the end of the holiday, when we are no longer in the frenzy of the season. If we stop during the season, we become familiar with those feelings associated with slowing down. At the end of the season the slowness will be a good friend. 
As this is the “time of giving,” take some time to give yourself the gift of Peace. It may be one of the best presents you get all year. 
Have a Happy Christmas.