What are you thinking? Does it support your dreams or your fears? That’s what Bruce Fredenburg asked me a few weeks ago. 

In the moment he asked I didn’t really know what I was thinking. It was just that same old self talk. But after he brought it to my attention, I discovered that much of my self talk supported my fears.

“What if they don’t like it?” 
         “I can’t believe I said that. What a stupid thing to say.” 
                   “How could you miss that photo? What were you thinking?”
                            “Oh she is definitely a better photographer than me. I will never be that good.”

That voice in my head just chattered on with commentary. 

Not once did I hear: 

“Wow, that was really awesome!” 
          “Beautiful photo! I can’t wait to share that one!”
                     “I am such a great photographer.”

Since Bruce said, “What are you thinking? Does it support your dreams or your fears?” I think about what I think about. When I catch myself feeling defeated or sad, I notice that inner commentary. And, by simply noticing, I can change it.

“Don’t make yourself bad or wrong, just notice,” Bruce encouraged me. And so I notice. With awareness, I can choose a thought that supports my dreams. So, now, I find myself changing my thoughts. I’m supporting my dreams more and more. 

I’ve come a long way in three short weeks since my coaching session with Bruce. His wisdom, insight and effective coaching has launched me on a path toward success and fulfillment. Could I have gotten here without his help? Maybe, but definitely not as quickly. 

You get to choose to support your fears or your dreams every moment, every day. Do you want to make better choices? Join Rev. BruceFredenburg for his workshop, Turbocharging the Law of Attraction, for easy-to-use, practical exercises to live the life of your dreams. It’s this Saturday and you don’t want to miss it!