Ya, okay. I hear ya, man!, Okay, Gotcha!, Sure thing. Ya-ya-ya!! Sure man! uh-huh. Yes. I hear you.
But do we really hear?  And what are we listening to in the first place that we are saying yes to?

Check out the smile on the face of this seven week old hearing the external world for the first time! 

It’s time to start paying attention to what we are listening to and what we are saying yes to! There is so much noise in our lives and much of it is background – other people’s conversations in restaurants, shops, in the office next door, there is our music, our kids/colleagues music and even the music in the car passing by. There is the noise of the media- both audio and written that we are being “gifted” with and, there is the noise of the voices in own head judging, doubting, complaining, praising, evaluating, and the list goes on and on…..

So how are we supposed to hear the true voice, the internal voice of God that speaks just to me, just to you and leads us perfectly, competently, safely on this journey of life?

What if we just close our eyes and listen to the stillness, the peace of true contentment for the voice of Truth. would we hear it? I say yes!

What if those very voices that are seemingly drowning out our peace and well being are actually Voices of God?

This week at the Wednesday Wisdom Service at our center my talk is titled The Voices of God. I invite you to join us for a beautiful service that will include some talking, some listening, beautiful music provided by the talented Rick Dale and lots of insight into the wonder and joy of hearing the voices all around us.