Moving toward our dreams is not always easy. Sometimes we can feel lost at sea, unsure about which direction to go. The ego serves up fears and negative thoughts about our choices and then we find evidence to support “staying stuck” in our experience. The well-meaning friend who warns you of the unseen dangers, or the famous “how-to” author who cautions about mistakes to avoid. Then, of course, there is always your own past mistakes looming in the mind. Ego offers past failures and missed steps as reasons to stay right where you are and avoid moving forward.

This week the book “Joyous Living Journal” asked us to look at our challenges and obstacles and examine doubt, fears, and old beliefs. Sitting in meditation, a lot came up for me. Like cleaning out that junk drawer in the kitchen, I found thoughts and ideas long forgotten but useful in my growth. Although, I didn’t know quite what to do with all these thoughts. My process and Spirit led me to this video where Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith talks about delays in realizing your dreams. He says, “A delay is not a denial.” Beckwith believes that a delay simply means you are getting something you need to move forward. Wow! What a great new perspective!

Are you feeling stuck on the path to manifesting your dreams or maybe overwhelmed by the choices ahead?Check out this video. It might offer you a different perspective; a way to look at this time of perceived in action that empowers your dreams rather than negates them.