Do you believe that you have an inherent right to be healthy? You do! 

If people could just decide to be healthy, why would they decide to be sick?

Raymond Charles Barker writes:

“Often there is a weak conscious decision to be well, while at the same time there is a definite subconscious decision to be sick. The subconscious will always in out.”

When I was teaching school, every year for at least twenty years, I would get sick twice a year — the first  when winter vacation started and the other when summer vacation started. I was reluctant to let  anyone to see my sketchy lesson plans. I didn’t relax until vacation. then all the bugs I had been resisting came to play.  I was miserable.

However, the thing to really consider, is what makes us sick? Is it really the viruses, germs and microbes hiding in dirty hands ending up in our guts or throats? Or is it something hidden in our consciousness? 

I now believe it is the latter. It starts with what we really believe. I now believe that we are surrounded by all sorts of things that could become a form of illness, but the real cause of anything visible, including our bodies, is the invisible power of Divine Mind acting through Its own Immaculate Law. In other words, we experience our beliefs. And as Barker stated in the earlier quotation, the subconscious will always win out. 

We may not be aware of all our beliefs, but we can become aware of their effects and sleuth out the hidden cause. 

Back to my teaching days, I had a strong belief that getting sick was going to be more work than staying well. I believed that my only rest occurred when I was sick. Voila, my false belief uncovered.

Health is your birthright. What is your decision?